Mrs. Rita Ravindranath

    Managing Trustee


My vision for EARTHA is to pass on the traditional classical dance form to the younger generation. EARTHA has to grow big, it needs to earn name in field of art, focusing only on nurturing our glorious cultural heritage.Guru has to pass on the knowledge to the disciples without hiding anything and without any prejudices. No one is rich or poor, no class distinction, no discrimination with caste or creed. Guru must also treat all as equal.

Parents should encourage the children to learn different art forms along with the studies. Art also helps improving mental and physical capabilities in the long run.All the students should learn art forms with devotion and respect. Art comes to someone as blessing of God after hard work and perseverance for long time. This blessing of knowledge cannot be stolen, instead it grows if given to other people.  Once this blessing from God is showered on the deserving student, it becomes bliss for rest of the life. All students should be happy, successful and satisfied human beings in their lives; this is the prayer to almighty. May god bless all.


P N Ravindranath

Managing Trustee


EARTHA was formed in 2011 with an intention to promote Indian culture specially Indian Classical and Folk Dance, Music, Yoga and Theatre. We are doing our best to reach those who are not aware like under privileged children, Adivasi (Tribe’s), Devadasi, Transgender, Visually Impact & Mentally Challenged & specially able.EARTHA team headed by founder Roopa Ravindran visits different parts of the state to conduct workshops, events etc and select dedicated and talented disciples. Such students are given training and provided sponsorships. In the beginning, it was very difficult but now EARTHA and Roopa are known names in most of the villages and remote areas within the state.

EARTHA is giving training in different art forms to as young as 4 years to as old as 60 years students. EARTHA is a degree college and offering Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Dance, Music and Drama under Bangalore University. Untill now EARTHA has trained more than 300 students in different field of art.We have struggled a lot to achieve this stage. EARTHA needs to go a long way to achieve our aim to have a “Gurukulam” at our own premises.

I request all art lovers and art patrons to contribute their bit in this endeavour.