Satkriya-Social Outreach Program

Satkriya (NGO)– Star of future

Eartha brings awareness on Performing arts as a free volunteer workshop camp in Rural Areas, Villages, Adivasi, Socially backward children, and many others. This Platform is to make the students familiar with stage Performances and make them confident in their future endeavours in life. Targeted Groups – Visually impact, Transgender, Physically Challenged, Orphans, Under privilege, Tribal’s, Slums, NGOs, Charitable Trusts.


Satkriya – NrityaBhramanamYatra

The Program is designed to identify the best talent from remote areas. Free camps are organised as part of this program and the identified students are encouraged, motivated and nurtured to take up their passion as their career and fulfil their dreams in the field of performing Arts.

Satkriya – Swach Bharath Mission

Bringing community awareness about cleanliness and organizing events in that regard.

Satkriya – Samvrata – “The Vigilance on Performing Arts”

Awareness programme on performing Arts at  Schools & Colleges.

All this work involves people with big hearts required to come forth and provide guidance,support and money to run this sanctity in long go!!!