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Mrs. AkshataD

AkshataD (NayanaRanagamandira, Bangalore- 2018) Roopa maam has not only been teaching me Kathak for the past 6 years, she has been guiding me on all aspects of dance like performing on stage choreography, music editing ,makeup, costume selection, song selection, how to train others. When it comes to performance, she teaches us every minute detail…
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My Experience: Kirti Joshi

Kirti Joshi (National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore -2017) My Experience at EARTHA… ‘Dance can only be a temporary hobby. You cannot pursue it later in life. Learn Singing instead…’ is a common advise given to girls . I was no exception. Still I stuck to my passion and started my Kathaktutelage at the age of 11…
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Poem by our student

Feel the song of nature Set yourself free, let it nurture Ignite the inner soul, be strong and bold Take a step! Rise, Learn and analyse. Escape into the bliss of ghonghroos, Spring into happiness and the skies blue Bow down to the lord and make it through, Dance to get to and get through.…
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Parents Speak


Kathak is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. It has its own distinct style and elegance. The Evolution of Kathak is closely linked to the evolution of India itself right from the vedic period till date. Kathak has not only gone through hundreds of innovations but also survived during the foreign invasions…
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