About Eartha

The “Elements of ART and Heritage Academy”

The search for a truly Indian way of teaching and learning Indian dance,  Drama, Music and Yoga, led Roopa Ravindran to found EARTHA in the year of 2011 as a modern rediscovery of the traditional Gurukul. EARTHA operates from Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore and has a dedicated performing Art Studio to provide a premier learning experience to its students. Here, Indian dance, drama, music and yoga unfold in contemporary space, paying heed to both tradition  and its understanding in today’s world.

The “Elements of ART and Heritage Academy” is a splendour augmenting the earthly expressions and heavenly experiences, through the highly bonafide art form “Natya”. EARTHA is an aspiration to reveal the vast and rich world of Indian heritage. EARTHA aims to enable its students to experience the thrill of learning the fine arts in tune with nature. It is taking all promising steps to make the dream of the traditional Gurukul in the ambience of Nature, to come true.Art Lovers and all well-wishers are invited to join this wonderful journey of Sanctity!!!

SHIKSHANA – Educational Endeavours by EARTHA

EARTHA is also an active advocate of including dance in the curriculum of schools and colleges. Dance is not only a good source of exercise for children, keeping them fit and healthy, but it also promotes an overall sense of positivity, creativity, harmony and confidence.Through these classes, the children/young adults will not only learn the nuances of various dance forms but will also gain vast knowledge of other facets such as Puranas, Festivals, Traditional Practices, Art and Architecture, History, Contemporary Social Issues and much more.EARTHA organises workshops, guest lectures, seminars and regular classes to achieve the various educational endeavours under Shikshana.