Mrs. AkshataD

Mrs. AkshataD

  • AkshataD (NayanaRanagamandira, Bangalore- 2018)

Roopa maam has not only been teaching me Kathak for the past 6 years, she has been guiding me on all aspects of dance like performing on stage choreography, music editing ,makeup, costume selection, song selection, how to train others. When it comes to performance, she teaches us every minute detail

like how to smile, what to do when things go wrong, when to put our pins,. It’s like we are trained to be hundred percent ready on stage. At the end of the day, she sees to it that we become independent professional dancers. I am fortune enough to have got a lot of good performance opportunities at Eartha,around 50

programs. I will never forget the performance at Dubai International Dance Festival,Dubai. and hectic rehearsal session we had.We also did 7 back to back programs at the Natyanjali festival in Tamil Nadu .And finally my Rangmanch on June 30, 2018.Roopa mam has been very supportive and motivating throughout. Dance was just a hobby for me before I came to Eartha. With all the activities that go on in Eartha , I was

inspired to take up dancing more seriously , which led me to do my BA in Kathak at EARTHA. Eartha has made me a confident performer.

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